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Anti-Trafficking in Persons

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005
Administered by:

Department of State, Bureau of Administration, Logistics Management, Acquisitions Management, International Programs, SA-44
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Applications Due:

May 27, 2005
Sequential closing date for receipt of proposals: In order to begin programming as quickly as possible but continue to expand the program, the Department is establishing a sequential closing date for receipt of proposals. The dates for receipt of proposals will be: March 7, 2005 May 27, 2005 August 19, 2005 Initial proposals are due by March 7, 2005. All proposals received by that date will be competitively evaluated ranked and considered for award. Offers not received by that date will be considered among offers received by the next identified closing date. Closings will continue until sufficient successful offers have been received against which award can be recommended. The Government makes no guarantee that any award will be made against any proposals received by any particular closing date. However, it is anticipated that award totaling up to $2 million may be made during the offer acceptance period. All offers will be accepted or rejected prior to the next scheduled closing date. Offers received from a previous closing will not be considered on subsequent closings. As above described, as offers are made the value remaining available will accordingly decrease, therefore early submission is recommended.

total funding: Not Available
max award: $2,000,000
min award: none
cost sharing, matching: No
number of awards: Not Available
type of funding: Grant

The U.S. Department of State announces an open competition for assistance awards through the Annual Program Statement (APS) (see attachment). Nonprofits having a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, private institutions of higher education and Public and State controlled institutions of higher education may submit anti-trafficking in persons grant applications for prevention and protection programs in Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America. Community, women?s and faith-based non-governmental organizations are encouraged to apply.

Who can apply:

Anyone/General Public
Nonprofits Having A 501(C)(3) Status With The IRS, Other Than Institutions Of Higher Education
Other Private Institution/Organization
Private Institutions Of Higher Education
Private Nonprofit Institution/Organization (Includes Institutions Of Higher Education, Hospitals)
Public And State Controlled Institutions Of Higher Education

Eligible functional categories:
Funding Sources:

More Information:


If you have problems accessing the full announcement, please contact: Snearly, Joanna

Address Info:

Department of State, Bureau of Administration, Logistics Management, Acquisitions Management, International Programs, SA-44

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